Nuqul Group Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Nuqul Group celebrated its 60th anniversary and welcomed the year 2012 by a streaming a live event to 5,800 employees, connecting ten different countries in the presence of owners and the extended Nuqul family. The event took place at Nuqul Group’s Head Office in Amman on the 21st of December, 2011. The live stream was broadcast to all business units across the Group’s operating countries to include: Lebanon, Morocco, Dubai, KSA, Egypt, Algeria, and Kuwait.
The Vice Chairman, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, welcomed all participants and commended the Group’s efforts over the past 60 years while reflecting on the journey inspired by the founder’s vision and commitment to give back to the local community. Mr. Nuqul emphasized the importance of operating by the Group’s ethical values and corporate governance standards, and thanked all members for their valuable contributions. He challenged everyone to eagerly enter the 7th decade with a renewed promise of excellence under the slogan, “Growing Together.” Mr. Salim Karadsheh, CEO, shared with participants commitment to sustainability by Nuqul Group, and the importance of the upcoming era which will make certain the durability of Nuqul Group’s accomplishments and success.
In addition, this occasion was used to announce the opening of the Nuqul Group’s museum located at the Head Office in Amman. An open invitation exists for all stakeholders to come visit this new addition to the corporate Office.
Nuqul Group embodies two major holding entities, (1) FINE Hygienic Holding (FHH) being the umbrella for paper mills including FINE hygienic paper companies and supporting industries, and (2) Promise Holding which includes diverse investments in different sectors and other processes.