Nuqul Tissue Commitment Toward Water & Energy Conservation

On the 8th of March, 2012, the Network for Jordanian Industrial Development (a component of the USAID Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project), and the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI), organized a field trip to one of the Nuqul Tissue (NT) mills.

A welcome speech was given by Mr. Hani Nuqul, Chief Nuqul Tissue Officer, followed by an introduction to the Nuqul Group and a review of its growth since its establishment in 1952 by Mr. Adel Al-Far, Nuqul Tissue Operations Manager.

Mr. Khalid Banat, Production Manager of Al-Keena Mill, informed the audience of Nuqul Tissue’s water and energy conservation programs adopted in its two paper mills, Al-Keena and Al-Snobar to highlight Nuqul Group’s commitment for environmentally friendly and green business concepts.

The visit was concluded with a tour of the Al-Snobar mill where more explanation was provided by the NT team for different systems being adopted that ensures both water and energy conservation.