Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Facial & Pocket; 12.8 gsm/ply.
  2. Toilet; 15 gsm/ply.
  3. Napkin; 16.5 gsm/ply.
  4. Kitchen Towel; 18 gsm/ply.
  5. Wet Strength; 17 gsm/ply.
  6. C-Fold; 38 gsm/ply.
  7. For more details, please see Product page.

NT managing 4 Paper mills :

  1. Al-Sindian PM1- & Al-Sindian are located in Egypt, 6 Oct. City.
  2. Al-Keena & Al-Snobar are located in Jordan - Amman, Airport road.

Nuqul Tissue produces 6 basic grades:

  1. Facial & Pocket.
  2. Toilet.
  3. Napkin.
  4. Kitchen Towel.
  5. Wet Strength.
  6. C-Fold.

For more details, please see Product page.


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By sending your postal address to :

  2. Or fax +9626 4403003 Att. BD&M Manager.
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You can contact Business Development & Marketing Department by :

  • Email :
  • Phone : +9626 4403001 ext. 133
  • Fax : +9626 4403003 Att. BD&M Manager.
  • NT Website/ contact Us page.


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"The Leader that Listens"

Driven by our mission of focusing on the continued progression to activate our role as leaders in tissue making in the MENA region and leading the industry towards healthy growth, at NUQUL TISSUE we are all ears listening to our customers to offer the best service and quality. Nuqul Tissue is keen on preserving our image as reliable and cost-effective, with a high sense of corporate social responsibility and a continued display of ethical behavior; these are the components of our successful formula, allowing us to move from the tenth position to the number 1 in size over the period of 5-years.

We focus on total quality management, strengthening our technology-oriented culture, utilizing the best Research and Development capabilities, and investing heavily in our human resources thus empowering individuals with needed tools and authorities to perform their best, so that we continue to be recognized as the employer and partner of choice to our staff, suppliers and customers.

The new logo is a unique mark Nuqul Tissue’s image and essence, a visual interpretation of business nature, character, attitude and quality.

The green color represents the core of the industry with the tree trunk as the icon holding the paper roll; the trunk represents the solid foundation of Nuqul Group.

Nuqul Tissue belongs to Jordan’s leading industrial conglomerate, Nuqul Group. Established in 1952, Nuqul Group brings together 30 regional and global companies, more than 5,500 employees and exports its products to over 45 exports markets worldwide.

Nuqul Tissue is the new umbrella unifying the four paper mills: Al-Keena (Jordan), Al-Snobar (Jordan), Al-Bardi (Egypt) and Al-Sindian (Egypt).