Certificates and Awards

“QMS” Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2000

QMS aims to organize the company’s activities and the link across all levels in order to ensure that customer requirements have been achieved.

Effective implementation of QMS helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

QMS consists of different procedures covering the main activities of NT.

“EMS” Environmental Management System
ISO 14001:2004

EMS controls the relation between the company and the environment.

Effective implementation of EMS will serve the environment, prevent pollution, conserve natural resources and ensure the proper application of local regulations and other requirements.

EMS consists of different procedures that are essential to protect the environment.

“OH&S” Occupational Health and Safety Management System

OHSAS 18001:1999

OH&S aims to ensure that the work environment, equipment, tools, activities and all other related issues are in good condition to serve employee occupational health and safety.

Effective implementation of OH&S system helps in preventing or decreasing work injuries as well as career illness. On the other hand, implementation of this system will ensure the implementation of legal requirements related to OH&S.

OH&S consists of different procedures that are essential to protect the employees life.

“JCGL” Jordanian Customs Golden List Membership*

JCGL certification is a declaration of compliance with the Customs Due Diligence and Customs Legislation required for the Golden List program to preserve the Supply Chain Security and Risk Management.

“KAIIA” King Abdullah II Award for Excellence – Category of large Manufacturing Organizations*

KAIIA is the most prestigious award at the national level in Jordan. It is a declaration from the highest level in the country accrediting the implementation of the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM).

KAIIA model consists of five fundamental pillars; (Leadership, Strategic Planning,

Resource Management, Operation Management & the Activities Results), and three subsidiaries; (Involvement, Communication and Continual Improvements).

“CP” Cleaner Production*

The CP project’s main objective is to contribute towards a sustainable industrial production mode increasing the long-term competitiveness position of enterprises while reducing their environmental pollution by applying cost effective measures and technologies.

CP’s model adopts the European Foundation for Quality Management Model (EFQM), which is driven by enablers such as the cleaner production diagnosis, policy, strategy, implementation, and monitoring followed by results on the economic, environmental and societal levels.

*Applicable only for Al-Keena.