NT Participation in London Pulp Week 2013
Chief Nuqul Tissue Office  Presentation

The British Wood Pulp Association (BWPA) and Hawkins Wright Symposium took place during the first week of November, 2013 in London. CNTO, Mr. Hani Nuqul, Supply Chain Manager, Mr. Hadi Sayess, and Supply chain Director, Mr. Ali Jalal attended this event. Among the speakers featured at this year’s event was Mr. Hani Nuqul, Chief Nuqul Tissue Office (CNTO). Mr. Hani’s presentation explained the tissue paper prospects in the MENA markets. NT aims to regularly attend this pulp week that brings together the world’s leading producers of market pulp to discuss Bale and Fluff Pulp sourcing to gain insight on market trends and the status of supply - demand for the commodity.

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