Al-Sindian PM1- Paper Mill Co. S.A.E. - Egypt

The Egypt-based Al-Sindian PM1- Paper Mill is the first established Nuqul Group Paper Mill, Al-Sindian PM1- started production in March, 1991, with an annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of first quality tissue paper.

Al-Sindian PM1- Paper Mill is designed by world renowned consulting firms with a sophisticated technology and data control system. The paper machine is twin wire c-former with paper width of 2.25 cm along with 3 stands in the combiner. Rolls are produced ranging from 17 cm to 220 cm width, the stock preparation contain equipments for running and sorting the waste paper.

Al-Sindian PM1- Paper Mill Company Facts and Figures :

  • Al-Sindian PM1- Paper Mill is located in 6th of October City, neighboring Al Sindian Paper Mill.
  • The machine’s maximum operating speed is 1600m/min.
  • The Mill uses 100% high quality virgin pulp.
  • Pond width is 2.25 m.
  • Annual capacity is 18.000 tons.
  • The Mill currently employs 100 employees.

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