Al-Keena Hygienic Paper Mill Co. Ltd. - Jordan

The Jordan-based Al-Keena Hygienic Paper Mill started production in March, 1996, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of first quality tissue paper. To catch up with the latest technological advances in tissue making and in order to maintain its leading role in providing first class service to its customers Al-Keena has just completed the upgrading of its operating and control systems. The paper machine is a twin wire c-former with paper width of 3.67 cm on the machine.

Al-Keena Hygienic Paper Mill Company Facts and Figures :

  • The machine’s maximum operating speed is 1670m/min.
  • The Mill uses 100% high quality virgin pulp.
  • Pond width is 3.67 m.
  • Annual capacity is 30.000 tons.
  • The Mill currently employs 130 employees.
  • The Mill exports 80% of its capacity to Europe & the MENA Region.

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