Al-Sindian PM3 - Paper Mill Co. S.A.E. - Egypt

The Egypt-based Al-Sindian PM3 Paper Mill the major step towards growth of Nuqul Group, was initiated during the month of January, 2005 as the largest and most modern production paper mill in the region.

Al-Sindian Paper mill was established to provide integrated services to Nuqul Group through ensuring the availability and quality of tissue in the region, developing higher market shares, and enlarging export volume to better serve its clients and markets where the Group already has a strong presence.

The Mill produces Jumbo Reels and exports more than 80% of the output to Europe and the MENA region. The plant was designed with the highest technology in compliance with international environmental and health standards.

Al Sindian is certified for FSC™ (Forest stewardship council™), certificate no. (SGS-COC-005172), License no. (FSC™-C007422), this is supported by a process of continuously risk assessment for all controlled wood as needed, this guarantees continuous compliance with the FSC™ regulations regarding the use of controlled wood.These risk assessment can be supplied to all interested parties on request.

Al-Sindian Paper Mill Company Facts and Figures :

  • Al-Sindian PM3 Paper Mill is located in 6th of October City, neighboring Al Sindian PM1 Paper Mill.
  • The machine’s maximum operating speed is 2000m/min.
  • The Mill uses 100% high quality virgin pulp.
  • The Mill exports 80% of its capacity to Europe & the MENA Region.
  • Pond width is 5.45 m.
  • Annual capacity is 54.000 tons.
  • The Mill currently employs 100 employees.

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