Al-Snobar Hygienic Paper Mill Co. Ltd. - Jordan

Al-Snobar Paper Mill, the largest and most modern paper mill in the region started production during October, 2007. Aiming at ensuring the availability and quality of tissue in the region, expanding its market share and sustaining growth in exports volume, Al-Snobar Paper Mill provides integrated Services to Nuqul Group. Reaching its clients and markets and providing better services is another objective that the Mill strives to achieve.

More than 80% of the Mill’s output is exported to Europe and MENA region in the form of Jumbo reels. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, the plant maintains the highest standards that are in compliance with international health and environmental guidelines.

Al-Snobar Hygienic Paper Mill Company Facts & Figures :

  • Machine’s maximum operating speed of 2,000 m/min.
  • Pond width is 5.45 m.
  • Annual capacity is 54,000 tons.
  • The Mill uses 100% high quality virgin pulp.
  • The Mill exports 80% of its capacity to Europe & the MENA Region.
  • The Mill employs 100 employees.

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