About Us


Nuqul Tissue belongs to Jordan’s leading industrial conglomerate, Nuqul Group. Established in 1952, Nuqul Group brings together 30 regional and global companies, more than 5,100 employees and exports its products to over 45 exports markets worldwide.

Nuqul Tissue is the leader in the MENA region in the field of tissue manufacturing; it is the umbrella unifying Nuqul Group’s four paper mills :

  1. Al-Sindian-PM1(Egypt), established in 1989.
  2. Al-Keena-PM2(Jordan), established in 1993.
  3. Al-Sindian-PM3(Egypt), established in 2003.
  4. Al-Snobar-PM4(Jordan), established in 2006.

Nuqul Tissue is driven by the aspiration to become the first choice supplier of tissue jumbo rolls in the marketplace.

With a total capacity double that of its closest rival, technology that knows no compromise, virgin raw material and relevant strategy to ensure alignment, Nuqul Tissue manages four paper mills and operates the largest tissue machines in the MENA region supplied with the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of tissue industry.


Nuqul Tissue supplies its customers with first class facial tissue, toilet paper, napkin paper, kitchen towel and wet strength paper reaching more than 30 countries worldwide.

 Our commitment

At Nuqul Tissue we believe that customers are our focal point within all of our operations, and we also realize that even the best products in the world, without the backing of a comprehensive service system will always be lacking. Accordingly, service logistics command a very high priority at Nuqul Tissue and have been developed to meet the same strict quality standards as those Nuqul Tissue products must fulfill. Dedicated personnel have been assigned the task of following up on customers requirements from the time of first contact with the customer, in order to prove, time and again, that our valued customer is our primary concern.

 Our Vision

Nuqul Tissue aspires to be the FIRST CHOICE SUPPLIER of tissue jumbo rolls in the marketplace.

 Our Mission

At Nuqul Tissue, we will continue to exceed our sales targets, achieving the highest return on investment, by focusing on total quality management, strengthening our technology-oriented culture, utilizing the best R&D capabilities, and investing heavily in our human resources by empowering individuals with needed tools and authorities to perform the best they can, so that we continue to be recognized as the employer and partner of choice. We will serve our customers and maintain our image as reliable, cost-effective companies with a high sense of corporate social responsibility and ethics.

 Nuqul Tissue’s Management Policy

In order to maintain and improve its leading position in the tissue making industry and assure its customers the benefits of this position, conserve external and internal environment, maintain the health and safety of company workers, as well as business partners, Nuqul Tissue is guided by the following goals :

  • Track and utilize technological advances in the field of tissue paper making.
  • Seek constantly to comprehend and meet its customers’ expectations & achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Endeavor always to elevate the standard of its product and service quality.
  • Maintain good relations and a high level of professionalism in its dealings with all its business partners.
  • Give high priority to safety and environmental management.
  • Give high priority to human resource development, as well as maintain the social role of the company.

In order to affirm its commitment, Nuqul Tissue management is committed to :

  • Build, implement and continually improve an integrated management system for quality, environment and health & safety that complies with the international standards: ISO9001, ISO14OO1 & OHSAS 18001.
  • Establish, implement, monitor and continually improve quality, environmental and occupational health & safety targets, objectives & programs based on factual decision approach.
  • Prevent pollution and employ all necessary methods to prevent and eliminate occupational health and safety risks.
  • Comply with all applicable official governmental legislation.
  • Provide continuous training and awareness to the employees to ensure their effective involvement and implementation of the company’s systems.
  • Communicate this policy to our employees, suppliers, customers, and other interested parties.

Provide all required resources (human, material, knowledge and financial) and conditions to achieve the above goals.

 Core Values

  1. Our People are our asset
    • Our Family.
    • Equal opportunity.
    • Fulfillment.
    • Keeping the Balance.
  2. Our Sense of belonging
    • Ownership.
    • Pride.
    • Passion.
    • Integrity.
  3. Our pursuit of excellence
    • Quality.
    • Technology.
    • Efficiency.
    • Our Social Responsibility.
  4. Our winning style
    • Focus.
    • Trust.
    • Fact-Based Decisions.
    • Responsibility & Authority.
    • Accountability & Reward.
    • All for one & one for all.
    • Relationship.
    • Value Creation.