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Nuqul Tissue won 1st Place in Group Quality Day Event


For the 10th consecutive year, Nuqul Group has highlighted the creativity of its employees through the corporate event known as Quality Day. Group Companies submit projects under a theme of ‘Sustainable Product Design’ the winners awarded at the Amman Sheraton Hotel on Sunday, November 24th 2013.

NT Participation in London Pulp Week 2013

Chief Nuqul Tissue Office  Presentation

The British Wood Pulp Association (BWPA) and Hawkins Wright Symposium took place during the first week of November, 2013 in London. CNTO, Mr. Hani Nuqul, Supply Chain Manager, Mr. Hadi Sayess, and Supply chain Director, Mr. Ali Jalal attended this event. Among the speakers featured at this year’s event was Mr. Hani Nuqul, Chief Nuqul Tissue Office (CNTO). Mr. Hani’s presentation explained the tissue paper prospects in the MENA markets. NT aims to regularly attend this pulp week that brings together the world’s leading producers of market pulp to discuss Bale and Fluff Pulp sourcing to gain insight on market trends and the status of supply - demand for the commodity.

Nuqul Tissue Wins Energy Certificate ( ISO 50001:2011)

Nuqul Tissue  Energy Certificate  ( ISO 50001:2011)

AL Sindian was recognized by the Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOSQ) as the first company in Egypt and throughout the region to be certified by SGS for ISO 50001:2011, the Energy Management System’s new standard.
Al-Sindian showed high interest and focus on the first important element of the future, ENERGY. The NT team in Egypt put much time and effort into building the needed system to match and fulfill the requirements by the target completion date of September 24, 2012, and achieved its goal without receiving any non-conformance ratings in the new standard.

NT Management Focus on Customer Centricity

The Al-Keena & Al-Snobar top management of Nuqul Tissue (NT) met at the Amman Bristol Hotel on the 6th of March, 2012 to discuss 2011 performance towards Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems of all departments compared to 2010 achievements. The meeting’s input included follow-up actions from the previous meeting, along with a review for internal and external audits.
The focus of the meeting was customer centricity in order to work more closely with customers, and to verify any improvement opportunities that may exist to more effectively deliver immediate benefits to customers.
The Management Committee agreed for the output and planned activities contributed to NT goals, and determined to continue with the same momentum to achieve 2012 targets.

Nuqul Tissue Commitment Toward Water & Energy Conservation


On the 8th of March, 2012, the Network for Jordanian Industrial Development (a component of the USAID Water Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project), and the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI), organized a field trip to one of the Nuqul Tissue (NT) mills.

A welcome speech was given by Mr. Hani Nuqul, Chief Nuqul Tissue Officer, followed by an introduction to the Nuqul Group and a review of its growth since its establishment in 1952 by Mr. Adel Al-Far, Nuqul Tissue Operations Manager.

Mr. Khalid Banat, Production Manager of Al-Keena Mill, informed the audience of Nuqul Tissue’s water and energy conservation programs adopted in its two paper mills, Al-Keena and Al-Snobar to highlight Nuqul Group’s commitment for environmentally friendly and green business concepts.

Nuqul Group Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Nuqul Group celebrated its 60th anniversary and welcomed the year 2012 by a streaming a live event to 5,800 employees, connecting ten different countries in the presence of owners and the extended Nuqul family. The event took place at Nuqul Group’s Head Office in Amman on the 21st of December, 2011. The live stream was broadcast to all business units across the Group’s operating countries to include: Lebanon, Morocco, Dubai, KSA, Egypt, Algeria, and Kuwait.